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Gallaxy Traders started since 1990 launched by Euro Dyanamic in Singapore.Now with the working experience of 20 years in computers Gallaxy traders come up with the new and fresh online shopping website named as Gallaxy Mart.

About Gallaxy Mart

Euro Dynamic Marketing



The modernization of markets to get common person out of poverty


Selling and trading daily consumable products and food items in business is one of the most ancient forms of business dating back to the first civilizations. The concept has remained fairly the same since then and to put simply, you buy at a low cost in bulk and sell at a higher price in retail.

Euro Dynamics marketing has been studying new methods to modernize this process to benefit the consumer directly whose money is being used to fund the entire retail system. Our marketing strategy has been conceptualized so that profit sharing is done based on a point system using modern technologies. We will reach the consumer via social media and recommendations.

Why we need a new way of trading of consumer products:

  1. By using technology for purchase of goods and services we are including the buyer as a beneficiary that he will earn points each time he spends money. So we are buying directly in bulk and passing on a percentage profit gain to the buyer.
  2. Technology will provide a simple, accessible and common place to interact and connect from individual to family-to-family level
  3. Each time you buy goods or encourage others to buy daily consumables and food products it will create economic growth and wealth creation for the individual
  4. Since technology is used each transaction is transparent and documented which will lead to a solid and reliable system of tax collection. Documentation of economy to increase tax net
  5. Benefit from your social contacts and strengthen family fabric



How it works and what we will provide:

  1. An online portal to create members and point system (detail demo will be provided)
  2. We will have a reasonable store size at walking distance from member’s location who can buy in bulk and sell in low price than market to its members where members can collect points every time they buy their daily consumable products and food products (groceries)
  3. Members can cash their points in the term of cash or shopping vouchers
  4. The point system is design in such a way the members keep getting some benefit even if they skip buying on their own and only recommend to other social contacts which encourage them keep using our point system (the whole algorithm of point system will be demonstrated in detail on online demo portal)
  5. All members have some benefits at all levels to keep them active and connected to the point distribution system.
  6. It’s the network of small business units (one store) covering 1-2KM of urban area (more area can be coved in scattered rural area) where 5000 to 7,000 families can be the members of the system which directly improve their income levels and eventually bring them out of poverty
  7. The government initiative under the Nojawan /SME Programme, which offers soft business start-up loan of 500k-1M for ever growing young population of Pakistan, can be beneficial from gallaxymart point system. The group of up to 30 individuals can successfully launch this on polite project basis which promises the results in the short duration of 3 to 6 months


Please let us know if you are interested in getting a live demonstration of our point system which can help to reduce poverty and directly benefit the common man.

Shop and Earn (Speciality)

The speciality of Gallaxy Mart is that its give you earning points.
To get earning points, first you have to shop. The moment your shopping gets confirm you will recive a email from Gallaxy Mart where you will be provided a reference code and after that you will tell to two peoples giving your own reference and will tell them to furthermore tell to two people giving their own reference. So this is how you and the two peoples will get the earning points and the chain will go on.

Top catogeries:

  • Electronics
  • Groceries

Timings and Delivery charges.
For now we are just delivering within City Lahore, Pakistan and Singapore.
If you place your order before 2 PM you will receive your order within 24 hours and if you place your order after 2 PM then you will receive your order within 24 to 48 hours.
If you do shopping of Rs/-8000 or more, there will be no delivery charges.
If you shop less then Rs/-8000, there will be delivery charges i.e. Rs/-200.
Tel: (+92) 322 461 7177.
Tel: (+65) 67 432 786
E-mail: info@gallaxymart.com